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Customising my Home Page
Customising my Home Page

Organise the layout of your Home Page to you have the information that is important to you available at a glance

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What is a widget?

Widgets are the boxes of information that display on your Home Page, they provide an overview of your activity on the system.

At a glance you can view information of a certain type, for example: My Saved Emails, or My Unfinished Tasks. You can also display custom reports as a widget on your Home Page.

Drag and drop the widgets to move them on your Home Page or organise them in [Home Page Settings].

Add a new widget to your Home Page

  1. Click [Home Page Settings] on the Home Page

  2. Click [Create New Widget]

  3. Click the [Widget Type] drop-down menu

  4. Select the widget you want to add:  A Report List widget will give you a list of all the reports available to you for either Contacts or Tasks in one widget.  A Reports Detail widget will allow you create an individual widget for a particular report

  5. Click the [Rows] drop-down menu to select how many lines of information you want to display in the widget

  6. Click [Save]

During the process of creating custom reports of your Contacts or Tasks, you will have the option to create a link to the report on your Home Page.

Remove a widget from your Home Page

  1. Hover the mouse over the widget to delete

  2. Click the widget settings icon

  3. Select [Disabled] and click [Save]

The [Actions which need your company’s attention] widget is fixed and cannot be deleted.

Change the column display on your Home Page

  1. Click [Home Page Settings] on the Home Page

  2. Select either 1, 2 or 3 column display and click [Save]

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