What is the Decree 218?

The Decree 218/2005 (11th October, 2005) is a Spanish Act drawn up to protect consumers in Andalusia.

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The Decree refers to dwellings, not commercial property or land, and covers properties for sale (both new build and resale properties) as well as long term rental properties.

The aim of the Decree is to achieve greater transparency in the real estate market in Andalusia by means of giving consumers complete information to allow them to be able to make informed decisions.

All establishments that sell or rent property in Andalusia must display a sign that states “The consumer has a right to be handed a copy of the property’s corresponding Abbreviated Informative Document”. This notice should be placed next to the other required sign which refers to the consumers right to have access to the establishment's complaints book.


  • Completing the details in RESALES-ONLINE that relate to the Andalusian law (Decree 218/2005) does not imply that the property is fully compliant with the law.

  • Each MEMBER AGENT is responsible for their company’s compliance with this law and will be solely responsible in the case of fines or requirements resulting from any official inspections.

  • MEMBER AGENTS that display property listings from other MEMBER AGENTS in their office window displays are advised to previously check with the listing agent that the property(s) comply with the law. In the case of an inspection, you will be responsible as in the points above.

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