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How to review a property selection before sending
How to review a property selection before sending

When selecting properties from search result pages, you can click to see your short list and edit if needed.

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Perform a Property Search

As you start making selections, a message will appear beside the [Actions] button saying how many properties you have selected

Click on the [properties selected] link and a window will show the list of properties you selected.


From this list you can use the bin icon to the right of each listing to remove properties from the list if you want.

Click the [Close] button to go back to your search results and make more selections, or go ahead and send.

Create a list from multiple searches

Can't find all the properties you want to send with just one search? You can perform several distinct searches and all properties you select will be added to the Selected Properties list.

Important Note

  • When you log out of the system your list will not be saved.

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