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Rental commissions
Rental commissions
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It is quite apparent that agents work with rentals in two distinct ways - those that offer a commission to introducing agents and those that expect the introducing agent to get their commission from their client.

The system allows for both operating methods.

To specify the commission offer on your rental properties

  1. Edit the property

  2. Click the [Pricing] tab

  3. Select the [For Rent] (It may already be selected if you had previously added rental prices)

  4. Select either [For Rent – Long Term] or [For Rent – Short Term], or both

  5. Complete the pricing and commission details

    • You can enter the commission either as a percentage of the rental price or as a fixed Euro amount

    • Enter the commission split accurately so that it is completely transparent to other agents how much they will receive for their efforts of successfully introducing your listing to a tenant

    • If you do not offer a collaboration commission, the system allows for 100% commission to the listing agent and 0% commission to the collaborating (selling) agent

    • Add commission notes if relevant

  6. Click [Save].

On the shared database

  • All rental properties will be shared on the system as per our current sharing rules, irrespective of the commission offer.

  • The commission offer is displayed on the [Agent Info] tab of each property.

On websites

  • Collaborating agents do not want to promote rental properties on their websites only to find later that they have to tell interested clients that the price is not correct as they have to add on their own commission.

  • Properties offering 20% or more commission to the collaborating (selling) agent will display on other agent’s websites. (Provided that the property is shared and flagged to show on other agents’ websites by the lister.)

  • Properties offering under 20% commission to the selling agent will display on your own website if you are the lister, however they will NOT display on other agents’ websites.


Abuse of this policy can result in your rental properties being removed from the shared database.

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