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A guide to User Account Privileges
A guide to User Account Privileges

. User account privileges determine the level of access and responsibilities for each user.

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User account privileges are set by selecting from the list of privileges at the time of creating a new user account, or can be changed at any time by editing an existing user account.

It is important to understand the level of access to the system that you are giving your managers and staff.  We recommend that you give some thought to each staff member's role in your company and select their privileges accordingly. 

See below what each privilege means on a user account:


  • Full access to the system at company owner or manager level.

  • Access and request company feeds.

  • Make changes to company public and invoicing information.

  • Ability to create and edit user accounts.


  • Add properties to the system.

  • Edit property information.

  • Access to your Contact database.

 Receive AMS

  • Receive the AMS daily emails

 Contact Manager

  • Full access to your whole Contact database.

 Appointment Manager

  • Ability to accept/reject any appointment requests from other agents.

 Updates Manager

  • Ability to respond to Property Update Requests from other agents.

  • Receive and respond to property Blog enquiries

 Leads Manager

  • Ability to respond to enquiries made via your website, or assign leads to another staff member.

 Key Manager

  • Manage key allocation (keys in / keys out) in the system.

 Rentals Manager

  • Ability to manage and cancel rental bookings in the system.

 Hide Commission

  • Stops a user from seeing the property commissions.

Hide Addresses

  • Stops a user from viewing property addresses on your listings.

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