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ReSales-Online News - October 2022
ReSales-Online News - October 2022
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Rental Calendar has been upgraded

Improvements to the Rental Booking Calendar:

  • cleaner calendar display

  • improved calendar booking view when viewing other agents' rental properties, calendar now opens as a pop-up from your search results (both Search 1.0 and 2.0)

  • Quick Booking interface has been improved

Costa Blanca Network is growing!

The pre-launch phase on the Costa Blanca is going well, we currently have just over 100 member agents across the Alicante, Valencia, and Murcia provinces.

So, if your agency has a presence in Costa Blanca, or if you know agents there that might be interested in joining, start a chat and let us know!

New Developments

We are constantly looking for new developments to add to the system and these are the most recent additions to the platform:

Costa del Sol

  • Vista Linda Luxury Villas

  • Alamar

  • Serenity Benalmadena

  • One Oak

  • La Resina 6ix

  • Infinity Blue Benalmádena

  • Pine Hill Residences

  • Altos de Campo Mijas

  • Cabas Galvan

  • Cassia

Costa Blanca
We are developing this area and so far we have 24 new developments listed on the platform.

Are you a developer or do you have an exclusive on a new development?

If you have an exclusive agency agreement for a development and would like to have it uploaded to the New Developments platform, start a chat and let us know!

If your new development is already listed on our platform, be sure to keep the price list up-to-date to help your colleagues sell it for you! Click here to see how to update your development, or if you prefer, start a chat and attach your price lists and we will update them for you.

New XML feed parameter allows search by Development name

We have added a parameter to the New Developments XML feed that if added to your feed it will allow your clients to search by the name of the development on your website.

Do I need to do anything?

If you want the people who look at your website to be able to search for a development name if they know it, then yes you will need to add the new parameter to your feed. Click here for more information, you might need to speak to your web developer.

If you do not want this feature on your website, then there is nothing for you to do.

IMPORTANT - Are you still using WebAPI V4 or V5 on your website?

Don't forget that if you use our WebAPI on your website, from the 1st of March 2023 onwards, you must use V6 or higher as the earlier versions will be eliminated. Click here to see which versions will be affected.

How can I check which version I am using?

To check your API version:

  • Click Properties on the left menu

  • Click API

  • Click API Keys

Check the Version column.

If the list contains any API Keys with versions V4 or V5, ask your web developer if these keys are still in use on your website. If so, upgrade to V6 to ensure your website will continue to display property results after 1st March.

If your web developer is on our mailing list, click here to read the email sent in September 2021.

Reminder about our Members List and email lists

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but we need to remind agents that it is not permitted to create email lists from details on the Network Members List.
Click here to read about this in our Terms & Conditions of Usage

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