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A guide to API filters
A guide to API filters
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Websites using the WebAPI method to display properties can filter the results directly from ReSales-Online via the API Filters section.

Account administrators can edit the filters to control the content of your website, including property types, locations, price range, status, number and size of images, etc.

How to access the API filters

From the system menu:

  1. Click [Properties]

  2. Click [API]

  3. Click [API Filters]

A list of the API filters will display for each API key on your account

Overview of the API filters page

The API filters page will display a list of API filters for each API key.


Edit the WebAPI key name or registered IP address

API Key Name

Name of each API key

Filter Name

List of API filter names

Filter Id

Unique ID number for each filter

Filter Alias

Alias for each filter

Filter Type

Sale type for each filter


Overview of the filter parameters


Edit or Delete


Add new API filter to this Key

A quick note on Default API filters

When an API key is created on an account, 4 default filters are created to help you get started, these can be used as is, edited, or deleted.

Creating a New API Filter

To create a new API filter, click the Blue [+ Add New] button on the right-hand side of the page and complete the fields with the filter information:

⚠️ Note: Adding a Filter Name is mandatory and a Filter ID and Alias are assigned automatically, you will need to inform your Website developer of the new filter details so it can be used on your website.

Editing an API filter

To make changes to an API filter, first, you will need to access the list of API filters (see: How to access the API filters - here) and click the ✏️ icon on the right-hand side of the filter you wish to edit.

On the following page, you can make the changes to the API filter as needed and SAVE

​Once saved, the changes should reflect on your website after a few minutes

Deleting an API filter

To delete an API filter, first, double check it is not currently in use ⚠️ Deleting an API filter that is currently in use may cause your website to stop displaying properties.

Once you are confident that it can be deleted, click the Red Delete icon on the right-hand side of the page next to the filter you want to delete.

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