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How to use the property search
How to use the property search
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Searching for the perfect property for your client can be tricky, we understand how important it is when it comes to meeting a client's specifications and requirements. That is why ReSales-Online offers you more than just a standard property search, we know you need more.

With different search options from “Must Have” to “Nice to have” property features, our searches were designed to make your life easier.

Also check out the [More Options] button for clients who have more specific property specifications and requirements.

To search for a property, do the following:

  1. Click [Properties] on the platform menu

  2. Click [Search]

  3. Select the type of search you want to do, eg: For Sale, For Rent, etc

  4. Use the drop-down lists and text boxes to add your search criteria, for example: beds, baths, locations, use the menu icons in the text boxes to open a pop-up window containing all the possible choices to select

  5. If you want to be even more specific in your search, click [More Options]

  6. On this page, you can select property size ranges, or select to find properties from certain agents

  7. Click [Search]

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