To search for a property, do the following:

  1. Click [Properties] on the platform menu

  2. Click [Search]

  3. Select the type of search you want to do, eg:  For Sale, For Rent, etc

  4. Use the drop-down lists and text boxes to add your search criteria, for example:  beds, baths, locations, use the menu icons in the text boxes to open a pop-up window containing all the possible choices to select

  5. If you want to be even more specific in your search, click [Advanced Search] 

  6. On this page you can select property size ranges, or select to find properties from certain agents

  7. Click [Search]


When you do a property search and the results are not what you expected (or you get no results), here are a few things you should check:

  • That the [Province] and [Area] are set correctly for the location you wish to search

  • That you have correctly selected either [Network] or [Own Company] depending on if you want to search all properties or only your own

  • Search results can be greatly reduced if you have selected several features in [Must Have] or [Nice to Have], the results can be increased by removing some features or moving [Must Have] features to [Nice to Have]

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