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What are Email Preferences?
What are Email Preferences?
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How does ReSales-Online send my emails?

By default emails are sent via the ReSales-Online email server, however, this can affect the delivery rate and in some cases, emails sent to your clients can end up in the spam folder.

Which is the best option for sending my emails from your account?

There are various options for sending emails from your account, for an explanation of each option see Points 3 and 4 in the following article How do the Email Preferences Work?

Sending via your own email server is the BEST choice as sending emails through your own server will hugely improve your email delivery rate. This means that more emails will reach your client's inbox successfully.

Now in this article, we are going to use the most recommended option. This method will:

  • Send all emails for your company through a single email address eg:(

  • It will add "on behalf" of each users email address. The recipient will see the email as from the following: on behalf of John Smith and when they reply the email will be addressed to your email address

  • This method is recommended because you can create an email address specifically for this purpose, eg: properties@ or sales@ and you will only have to add the mail server details for that email address and not for your other company email addresses.

Here is how you can change your settings

  • Click [My Account] at the top-right of the system page

  • Click the [Email Preferences] tab

  • Select [Relay emails through your own email server]

  • Select [Relay]

  • Select [Send all company emails through a single email account, with on behalf of your email address]

  • Enter the SMTP details of the email you wish to use for sending

  • You can test your settings by clicking the [Test Settings] button

  • Click [Save]

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