An iframe is a quick method of adding a search of all properties from Resales-Online.  It creates a virtual window between your webpage and our database.  

Iframes do not provide SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), if SEO is important to you, we recommend you use our WebAPI.

We can supply iframe code that you simply paste into the area you want on the site, this will display the search module and results within the frame.

Contact us to request an iFrame and we will ask you how you would like it styled, we can match colours, fonts and widths of your site.

See the list below of the different types of iframe search forms that we can provide.  You can have a search form which will allow you to search within these categories.  You could also combine most of these categories into one search form should you wish.

  • Resale Properties (All of ReSales-Online)

  • Resale Properties (Just your properties)

  • Rental Properties Short term

  • Rental Properties Long term

Example Iframes

 Basic iframe for sales

 Basic iframe for rental

The 4 properties on the sales.php page is contained in a featured iframe in a 2x2 layout

The 4 properties on the searchresult.php page is contained in a featured iframe in a 1x4 layout

There is also the option to present featured properties on any page of your site.


QuickSearch function

The search function on the right side of the sales.php page is a Quicksearch function which uses an iframe but also requires some additional work by your web developer to implement.

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