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Card payments: Reasons for payment failure
Card payments: Reasons for payment failure

There are many reasons for a card payment to be declined, but these are the most common.

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Payment can fail in two different scenarios, when you are manually paying from the payment gateway (Authorization failure) or when we automatically charge your account from the recurring payment record (Purchase failure). Both of these scenarios can return many failure reasons, here is a list of the ones we encounter most often.

Failure Reasons

Note: The “reason for failure” on the notification is the text supplied by YOUR bank at the time of the payment failure.



Failed Payment: 0190 - Denial of issuer without specifying reason

  1. The card has been overdrawn: the card used to pay may have been overdrawn and no further transactions are accepted.

  2. The card has no remaining balance: this reason occurs in the case of debit cards that have used up the balance on your card and therefore on your bank account. This means that the payment cannot be made.

  3. The credit limit has been exceeded: credit cards have a limit and when this limit is exceeded, the bank does not allow the transaction to be carried out.

Failed Payment: Unknown error! Fail to charge

As far as I can see it is related to browser, something is blocking the 3DS popup.

Failed Payment: 0184 - Owner authentication error

This means that the security step where you add the code or authorize the payment form your bank app has not been completed, or it wasn't passed by your bank.

Failed Payment: 0129 - Security code (CVV2/CVC2) incorrect

The 3DS authentication wasn’t completed correctly.

Failed Payment: SIS9997 -

Another transaction is being processed in SIS with the same card

Failed Payment: SIS0202 -

Card in transitory exception or under suspicion of fraud.

Failed Payment: SIS0101 -

Expired card

If you come across an Authorization failure message you don’t see here and need further assistance, please speak to your bank, and if needed add a comment in the Payment Notification ticket on your account, or raise a chat.

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