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Plazox, pay by installments
Plazox, pay by installments

If you want to split a subscription bill over a period of time, the only way is to use the Plazox service with a credit card.

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What is Plazox?

Plazox is a banking service that allows you to split a subscription payment into easier installments.

Most main banks are members of Plazox, here is a list of current participating banks; scroll to the bottom for a downloadable list.

How can I split a bill using Plazox?

You must use a CREDIT card.

To avoid surprises, before attempting payment make sure that your credit card is enabled for fractional payments. In most cases it is activated by default and you may have even noticed it pop up before when paying for things over 60 or 100€ in stores or online; but if in doubt we recommend you contact your bank.

If you are certain that your card is set up for fractional payments you can expect the process to look like the screenshots below.

Steps to fraction a payment

Proceed to the card payment using the [Pay Now] button from your ReSales-Online system.

Fill out the payment gateway page as normal.

You will be asked to authenticate the payment (3DS authentication). The appearance and instructions for this step will vary based on your bank.

For example:

After authentication, if fractional payments are enabled on your credit card you will get a pop-up with options on the page like this one before the payment completes:

Select your preference and continue with the prompts to complete the transaction.

Special notes

  • If your account is currently set to a different payment method and you want to use Plazox, start a chat with Customer Support and we will switch you over to card.

  • In many cases corporate credit cards (associated to a CIF) will not have plazox, but in general credit cards (associated to a NIE or NIF) of self-employed and private individuals do.

I need more information

Please speak to your bank, or alternatively Google your "bank" and "Plazox".

For example:

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