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How can I pay by card?

Pay your subscription online by debit or credit card.

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Setting CARD as your payment method

If you want to change your payment method to card, start a chat with Customer Support to request it.

At the time of making the payment, a recurring payment will be set up on your card (if allowed by your card type and bank settings) so that future payments will be taken automatically.

Note: Our online card facility uses the Santander Redsys gateway services and your card details are encrypted before being sent to the gateway. Your card details are stored on the Redsys servers, at no time are your full card details stored on our servers.

How do I make an online payment?

You must have Administrator user privileges to make an online payment.

If you have an expiry notice banner at the top of your Home Page, click the [Pay Now] button, then go to Step 2.

If the expiry banner is not displaying, then start at Step 1.

  1. Click ⚙️ [My Account] at the top-right of the Home Page

  2. A summary of invoice(s) to be paid will be displayed with a total amount.

  3. Click [PAY NOW]

  4. Enter your card details. Important, be sure to fill in the same address details as on your card statement

  5. Click [PAY NOW]

  6. Don't forget that you will have to verify the purchase on your bank app to complete the payment for PSD2/SCA compliance

  7. You will get a pop-up message when all done

  8. Your invoice will be emailed straight away.

How can I change my payment to a different card?

Start a chat to let us know.

For your security DO NOT include your card details in the chat.

What will we do? We will disable the old card and let you know when done.

When your next bill is due for payment: Follow the instructions above to enter your new card details. Going forward your new card will be automatically charged at the beginning of each billing cycle (if allowed by your card type and bank settings).

What if I don't want to pay by card?

No problem, then we recommend that we set up a direct debit for you, or you can pay by bank transfer.

While you're here ...

Need to change your invoicing details? Start a chat and give us the new details.

Invoice copies? Click here to see how to access them from the system.

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