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How can I subscribe to the New Developments Module?
How can I subscribe to the New Developments Module?

The New Developments Module gives you access to off-plan and new build properties direct from the developer or Master Agent.

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To subscribe

  1. Click [My Account]

  2. Click the [New Developments] tab

  3. Select your preferred subscription option

  4. Click [Save]

  1. A new window will open to confirm the amount to pay. The amount will be calculated from today till the date of your next ReSales-Online subscription payment.

  2. Click [Buy Now].

  3. The card payment window will open so that you can make the payment.

  4. Your payment invoice will be automatically emailed to the nominated Invoice Contact on your account.

What is the difference between the Discount and Premium payment options?

The Premium option gives you full use of the module with no Top-Spots in your search results.

The Discounted option gives you full use of the module and includes Top-Spots placements by the developer. This means that when you search for properties, a limited number of developments may be displayed at the top of the search results.

Subscription prices for ReSales-Online

Will I see any new developments if I don't subscribe?

Yes you will, but only a preview. Your search results will list any new developments that match your search criteria, however full details are only available when you upgrade to either the Discount or Premium Option.

I don't want to see new developments

To stop seeing any new developments, follow the instructions in the Subscribe heading above and select [Disabled] and [Save].

What are Top-Spots?

Top-Spots are sponsored development listings paid for by developers that want to better showcase their product and allows us to offer a special discounted price for the New Developments Module.

A limited number of Top-Spots will appear at the top of your search results pages for all ReSales-Online property searches.

A Top-Spot is similar to a standard property listing but with a blue border and the words SPONSORED TOP-SPOT in the top right corner.

Top-Spots can be removed from your system by upgrading to the Premium option on the New Developments Module.


  • Subsequent payments will be added to your ReSales-Online subscription invoices using the same billing frequency.

  • Discounts will be applied to your New Development Module payment if your ReSales-Online subscription is paid 6-monthly or yearly.

  • The first subscription payment must be made by card online, however future payments will be subject to the payment method stated on your account.

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