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User accounts using the same email address
User accounts using the same email address
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Unique email address for each user account

When it comes to entering an email address for a new user account, or editing a current user, it is important that the email address is unique to that user.

If you attempt to enter an email address that is already in use, the system will not accept it and request that you enter a different email.

Why can’t I use the same email address on multiple user accounts?

User accounts that use the same email address are not permitted by the system, as by doing this, some important features of the platform will no longer function correctly, such as:

  • Reset Password
    If you do not recall your username, the system would not be able to send a reset password email.

  • Forward email to CRM
    As the system cannot determine which user the email is coming from, the emails cannot be linked to clients.

  • Redundant information and full inboxes
    AMS and Profiles are sent daily, the same email address will receive multiple copies of the same content email. This is redundant information and could quickly result in a full email inbox, once this is full, your provider will not allow you to receive new emails.

So what options do I have?

Depending on how your company is organised, you may have valid reasons why all users use the same email address, we suggest the following possible solutions, but you may need to consult with your IT person to set them up on your end:

  • Setup Email Aliases
    This creates an Alias for each user and looks like a different email address, but will still work and send to one email inbox.

  • Email forwarding
    Setup different addressed but all mail traffic is forward to a different (central) email account.

  • Add “+text” before the “@” in your email address
    This will allow the ReSales user account to be created or updated, and should work as intended, but this depends on your email provider. The best part is, it can be anything you like, for example: if your email address is, you could use the following variations and any email sent to them would arrive at your inbox:


Don't hesitate to start a chat with Customer Support if you need help.

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