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Saving emails to the system CRM
Saving emails to the system CRM

Adding emails from your clients to the system's CRM will keep all their correspondence in one place and save you time.

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How to save an email from a contact into the system

  1. Forward the received email to

  2. Look for the email in [My saved Emails] or under [Actions which need your company´s attention] on the Home Page

  3. Click the email

  4. Add the email to your contact

    • If the contact is not saved, you will have the option to add your contact's details

  5. Click [Save].

Important Notes

  • The system will only recognise emails that have been forwarded from the email address registered on your user account.

  • To use this function it is mandatory that every staff member has their own unique email address and that it is registered on their user account.

  • No contacts (Clients) should have assigned the same Email address as any of the registered User accounts (Agents).

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