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What forms are available on the system?
What forms are available on the system?

Available direct from the system: Listing Form, Sales Agreement Form, Reservation Form, Annex IV and also a Commission Agreement

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How to access the forms

  1. Click [Forms] on the system menu

  2. Select the required form

  3. Click the [More] button at the top-right for options and proceed

Note - Commission Agreement

These are available in a different area of the system, click here for how to get one.

Listing, Sales Agreement & Reservation Forms

[More] button drop-down options

Can I get a pre-filled form?

Yes you can, provided that the property is already in the system.

  1. Search for the property and click to view it

  2. Click the [More] drop-down at the top-right of the screen

  3. Select a form

  4. The form will display with all the property details that have been entered

  5. Click [More] at the top of the form to select language, etc.

Annex IV

  • Click to open it ready to download or print.

  • It is only available in Spanish (page 1) and English (page 2) within the same document.

  • The Annex IV relates to the Decree 218 and new developments.

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