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How can I make a Quick Booking (rental)?
How can I make a Quick Booking (rental)?
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The [Quick Booking] button allows you to quickly block off a property as rented for a certain period of time from today's date.

To do a Quick Booking

  1. Search for the property

  2. From the search results page, click the [Quick Booking] button to the right of the rental calendar icon

  3. Select how long the property will be booked out for, eg:

    1. 3 weeks from today, 6 month from today, etc, OR

    2. Use the calendar to the left to select the exact date the property is rented to

  4. Click [Save]


  • Once you have done this the property will not display in date-related rental searches if it is not available, saving both yours and other agent's valuable time.

  • Quick Booking will simply block off the property for the time period stated.

  • If the property has a current rental booking that crosses over today's date, the Quick Booking option will not be available.

  • If you want to make a detailed booking with tenant name and other details, then click the Rental Calendar icon instead

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