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ReSales-Online News - September 2022
ReSales-Online News - September 2022
Updated over a week ago

DUPLEX - 2 new property sub-types for apartments

By popular demand, we are adding two new property sub-types:






Penthouse Duplex

  • If you have any duplex apartments, you can now edit them and apply the new sub-type so other agents will be able to easily find them when searching for a duplex apartment.

  • To search for a duplex, simply select Apartment in [Property Type], then either Duplex or Penthouse Duplex in [SubType].

Do I have to make changes on the search function on my website?

If your web developer is on our Updates Mailing List, then chances are that they already know about this as we notified them in July about the release of the new duplex sub-type. Click here to read the email that was sent.

In a nutshell, if you have to make changes will depend on the way that your website has been built:

  • If the “property type” data on your website is generated dynamically, then there is nothing to do.

  • If the “property type” data on your website is static, then we recommend that your web developer adds the above sub-types to the site’s current property type list.

So best to speak to your web developer and if they need any assistance they can raise a chat with our Customer Support team.

Complete Forms online

You can now fill out the Listing, Sales Agreement, and Reservation Forms directly on the system and then email or print them for signature.

Modified property features lists

We have restricted the features list when adding a property to coincide with the selected location. This is to help save you time going through a long list of features that do not apply to the location.

Window Cards

We have revised and streamlined the window card list.

Did you know?

  • That the Send via Whatsapp function now also works on Search 1.0?

  • That you can choose which staff contact details you want to display on your shared properties?

Do you email properties?

Do you email properties from ReSales-Online directly to your clients? If so, have you changed your email settings to send from your own email server?

Need help?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to start a chat with our Customer Support team.

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