You can help protect the photos you upload to the system from unauthorised use by adding a watermark to your images.

To activate the watermark function:

  1. Click [My Account]

  2. Click the [Company Settings] tab

  3. Click [Edit]

  4. Select [Add Watermarks to my Images] 

  5. Click [Save]

What will happen now?

  • A random unique code will be inserted into your images, for example: DF4339DK21D023K.

  • The code will allow our software to identify copied images, however any agent or member of the public will not be able to identify the listing agent from the code.

  • This will be an automatic process if you have selected the watermark option, you won't have to do anything else.

  • The watermark code will identify your agency as the owner of image.

  • The watermark will be very faint.

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