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Can I publish other member agents’ listings to property portals?
Can I publish other member agents’ listings to property portals?
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Simple answer

Yes if you have permission from the member agent, and NO if you don’t have their permission.


For many varied reasons, some agents get angry to see other agents copying their listings and publishing them on portals.

So, if you want to list other agent’s properties on portals PLEASE do the professional thing and contact the property listing agent FIRST to make sure they are onboard and happy with the arrangement, and if they say no respect their wishes.

I already have properties from other member agents’ on my portal account - what now?

Yes, I have permission
If you did get the agent’s permission, then you have done the right thing and are good to go.

I didn’t get permission
Then you must get permission now or immediately REMOVE the properties from your portal listings.

Possible consequences
If we receive a complaint from a listing agent about this you will be in breach of our Terms and Conditions and at risk of losing access to the Network.

Doesn’t being a member agent give me the right to publish shared properties anywhere I like?

In short, no it doesn’t.

What you can do
Promote shared listings to your clients from within the ReSales-Online system and publish them on your own website (if the agent has selected “share on other agents’ websites”).

You cannot
Relist other agents’ properties by copying the original photos and property description or publish them to other software systems or 3rd party sites like property portals or Social media sites, without prior permission from the listing agent.

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