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Shared tickbox (Duplicate) cannot be selected, why is that?
Shared tickbox (Duplicate) cannot be selected, why is that?

Shared Tickbox Duplicate

Updated over a week ago

You may have noticed that your duplicate listings do not have the Shared tickbox selected (pictured below), or upon marking a property as Available and Shared the tickbox is not selected after you have saved.

Why is this?

When a property is processed on the Queue and marked as a duplicate of an earlier version from another agency, this tickbox is disabled and the AVAILABLE status on this listing will appear with a Yellow background (see above Image).

Please note: although your listing is marked as a duplicate, you can still send it in AMS messages and it will be visible to other agents in Search 2.0 results if selected:

For more information on this, please see the following article:
What is the difference between the Shared and Shared BETA tickboxes?

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