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Property Blogs - how to manage them
Property Blogs - how to manage them
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What is a Property Blog?

A Property Blog allows agents to ask general questions about a property of interest without having to call the listing agent, eg: "Can the pool be seen from the apartment terrace?", or "Are there many steps to the front door?"

  • Your question will be emailed to the listing agent and you will receive their reply by email.

  • All questions and answers are saved under the [Blog] tab on the property and are viewable by ALL agents (you might find that your question has already been asked and answered).

  • Do not use the Blog function for appointment requests, general chat, or leaving sensitive client information.

How can I send a question via Property Blog?

Click on the property to open it, click the [Blog] tab.

Type your question in the text box on the left.

Click [Submit].

Note that once you send a question, it cannot be deleted.

How can I reply to a Property Blog?

You must have Updates Manager privileges on your user account to do this.

Click [Show Me] beside [Property Blogs are waiting to be answered] under [Actions Which Need Your Company's Attention].

Go to the heading [Unanswered Blogs Requested By Other Agencies] and click the reply arrow to the right.

Write your reply in the text box to the left of the question, then click [Reply] beside the question you are answering. If there is more than one question on the same property, you must reply to each question separately.

  • Your reply will be emailed to the agent that asked the question.

  • If you received an email about a Blog question and you cannot find it in the list, it is likely that one of your colleagues already answered the question.

How can I see old Blog messages?

To view all Blog entries on a particular property open the property details and click the [Blog] tab.

To view your own company's unanswered or recent blogs click [Summaries] on the Left system menu, and click [Property Blogs]:

  1. Unanswered Blogs are questions that you have asked about a property and the Listing agent hasn't replied yet.

  2. Unanswered Blogs Requested by Other Agencies are questions from other agencies that you have not yet answered.

    To clear these messages:

    • If the question is still relevant, click the reply arrow ↩️ (on the right, under Actions), write your reply in the text box and click the [Reply] button next to the question.

    • If the question is no longer relevant and you just want to close it, click the reply arrow ↩️ and write something like "Old Blog", or "Do not Reply, deleting old Blog", then [Reply].

      We encourage you to answer questions accurately as it may help other members if they have the same question for this property.

  3. Past Blogs will display your completed company blog questions from the past month.

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