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Property Viewings: booking and managing your appointments
Property Viewings: booking and managing your appointments
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Request an appointment to view another agent's listing

  1. From your search results page, click to open the details of the property that you wish to make an appointment for

  2. Click the [More] drop-down list

  3. Click [Book Appointment]

  4. Type the name of your client that wants to view the property in the [Contact] textbox

  5. Select one of the date options

  6. Add any extra messages to the other agent in the textbox under the [Subject]

  7. Click [Save and Send]


  • The other agent will receive your request by email and it will also appear in their [Actions Which Need your Company’s Attention] widget on their Home Page.

  • When the other agent accepts or modifies the appointment, you will receive an email.

  • The other agent will only receive your client’s Surname and the last 4 digits of his/her telephone number.

How can I accept or decline a viewing appointment?

If an agent has requested an appointment with your company and you have not yet replied, it will show under [Actions which need your company's attention].

  1. Click the [Show Me] button beside the text Appointment that has been requested but not replied to.

  2. Click on the appointment you would like to accept or decline.

  3. View the appointment request details.

  4. Click on [Accept] or [Decline].

  5. An automatic email will be sent to the requesting agent informing them if you have accepted or declined the appointment.

How can I view a list of company appointments?

To view a list of appointments stored in the system:

  1. Click [Tasks] from the left-hand system menu

  2. Click [Search Tasks]

  3. Select Appointment from the [Task Type] scroll list

  4. Select from the [Priority] or [Stage] scroll lists if required. Eg: [Stage] - Completed

  5. Select from the [Task Owner] scroll list to view appointments for specific staff

    1. Hold down Ctrl and click to select more than one name, or

    2. Select ALL to view for all staff

  6. To select appointments by date:

    1. Click either [Search by Due Date] or [Search by Completed Date]

    2. Click either:

      1. [Date Period] and then Select from the drop down list - eg: last week, last month, etc.

      2. [Day Range] to select a range of days

  7. Click [Search]

To print the list select Print from the [Actions] drop down at the top of the Tasks Results page.

While you are here ...

Don't forget to print and take the commission agreement for the property you are about to view with your client.

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