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Uploading images to the system - FAQs
Uploading images to the system - FAQs

Trouble-shooting for image uploading issues.

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Do my image files have to be a certain size or format?

Images must conform to the following requirements:

  • Minimum width (or height) of 1,600 pixels

  • Maximum width (or height) of 10,000 pixels

  • Acceptable formats: jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp or png

Why won't my images upload?

If your images won't upload, it could be one of the following reasons:

  • You haven’t saved the new listing yet:

    • When adding a new listing, after you have entered the [Location] and [Property Type] details, we recommend that you click [Save]

    • When you click [Save] the platform will assign an ID number to your listing, eg: R123456.  The platform needs this property reference number so that it can assign your images to the correct listing

  • Your files are too small (see the question above about file format and sizes)

Can I protect my images from being copied?

If you want to protect your images from being copied from the system by other agents, we suggest you use our Watermark function, click here to see how to do this.

Can I upload portrait images?

The system is designed for landscape images. Yes you can upload portrait photos to a property, however we do not recommend it as they will not display very well in the system.


If you need help, raise a chat with our Customer Support Team.

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