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How can I add a property?
How can I add a property?
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When adding a property to the system it is important that you add as much relevant information as possible, check out our Property Listing Tips before you get started!

Here's how to upload a listing to your account

  • Click [Properties] on the system menu

  • Click [Add Property]

  • Complete the property details in each of the tabs.

Note: If you want to share the property on the network make sure the Shared Flag is selected and the Status of the listing is set to Available

Sharing properties on the network will increase your listings' exposure to other professional Real Estate agents, which, of course, increases your sales potential.

Once the listing has been set to Available and Shared it is sent to a property queue to be verified by our QC Team, their job is to make sure the property has been listed correctly and follows the sharing rules. Your listing is typically processed within 24 hours.

If your listing requires any attention you will be notified in your account under the Actions Which Need Your Company Attention Widget

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