To book an appointment to view another agent’s property:

  1. From your search results page, click to open the details of the property you wish to make an appointment for

  2. Click the [More] drop-down list

  3. Click [Book Appointment]

  4. Type the name of your client that wants to view the property in the [Contact] textbox

  5. Select one of the date options

  6. Add any extra messages to the other agent in the textbox under the [Subject]

  7. Click [Save and Send]


  • The other agent will receive your request by email and it will also appear in their [Actions Which Need your Company’s Attention] widget on their Home Page.

  • When the other agent accepts or modifies the appointment, you will receive an email.

  • The other agent will only receive your client’s Surname and the last 4 digits of his/her telephone number.

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