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Cloning a property
Cloning a property

The [Clone] button will give you an exact copy of that property and its details but with a new reference number

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Why use the Clone button?

Cloning will save you time in re-entering the same property details and could be used in the following cases:

  • To relist a previously Off Market or Sold property.

  • To list the same property SEPARATELY as For Sale and For Rent.

  • To list a property with different options, eg: a villa with a price including a next door plot, and the same villa without the extra plot.

  • You wish to list a number of properties in the same building where the descriptions and/or general details will be the same.

How to clone a property

  1. Search for the property you wish to clone

  2. Click [Edit Property]

  3. Click [MORE] near the top-right of the screen and select [CLONE]

  4. An explanatory pop-up will appear

  5. Click [OK]

  6. The page will refresh and you will notice a new reference number displayed at the top-right of the screen

  7. This new version will be in [Listing] Status

  8. Make any changes to the new listing

  9. When all changes have been made, set the Status to [Available]

  10. Click [Save].

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