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How can I add a new property?
How can I add a new property?

Add your listings so you can email them to your clients. If you have a Network account you can share your listing with over 1,000 agents.

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To add one of your properties to the system:

  1. Click [Properties] on the system menu

  2. Click [Add Property]

Complete the property details in each of the following tabs:

[Details] tab

  1. Click [Save] and a unique Ref Id number will be assigned to the property

  2. Going forward, we recommend that you click [Save] on completing details in each tab

[Pricing] tab

  1. Tick the appropriate tickbox  [For Sale] and/or [For Rent] and complete the sale price or rental information and commissions

  2. Select the independent [Shared] tickboxes for Sales, Long Term and Short Term Rentals if you want other agents to see your property

[Features] tab

  1. Select all the features that accurately describe the property.  These features can be used as search criteria when agents look for properties

[Descriptions] tab

  1. Add a description of the property in Spanish and English, this is obligatory to share the property.  Other language descriptions are optional

  2. Click the country flags to enter each language description

[Pictures] tab

  1. Drag and drop images as indicated, or click  [browse here] to select your images from a folder

  2. Drag and drop images to change position

  3. Click the red cross on a photo if you want to delete it

  4. Click the blue rotate icon to rotate a photo

[Documents] tab

  1. This is an optional step, documents that you upload are NOT accessible by other agents, they are private to you

  2. Use this tab if you have documents that you want to attach to the property, eg: title deeds, listing form, etc

  3. Drag and drop the document to the [Drag Files/Documents] box or click [Add/Upload Documents] to select your document from a folder

  4. Select how you want to associate the document and click [Save]

  5. Select the document type from the drop-down list and click [Save]

[Address] tab

  1. Enter the correct cadastral reference number for the property and click Validate

  2. Enter the full Property Address (you need to complete at least two lines for the address)

  3. Enter directions on how to get to the property if you want

  4. All details on this tab are private to you and not accessible by other agents

[Contacts] tab

  1. Enter the property owner name:  start typing the name of your Contact and then click [+ Please click here to add a new contact], complete the contact’s detail in the pop-up window, click [Save Contact]

  2. Complete key holder details, etc

  3. Add any Key Details or Private Notes

  4. All details on this tab are private to you and not accessible by other agents

Set the sharing and availability statuses:

  1. Select the appropriate sharing tickboxes for the property

  2. Select [Available] from the [Status] drop-down list when you are ready to publish the property

  3. Click [Save]

The system will alert you if any details are missing.


  • You can always save unfinished listings and go back to finish them later on.  

  • Fields with a red asterisk * are obligatory and MUST be completed to be able to share the property with other agents.

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