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Outstanding bills and downgrade to Standalone
Outstanding bills and downgrade to Standalone
Updated over a week ago

Before we downgrade your account to Standalone, we want to remind you that you will lose access to collaboration with over 1,000 estate agents.

What will happen to my properties?

When your account is downgraded to Standalone your properties will lose all sharing rights and they will not be viewable by other agents.

To keep your sharing rights overdue bills must be paid before the downgrade is effective, if you need help, start a chat with our Customer Support team.

If you downgrade now and upgrade to Network in the future

  • your properties will be renumbered and you will have to manually change each property to Shared so it can be reprocessed for sharing. Click here for more details.

  • Other agents Network properties will no longer be available on your website if you use our feeds, API, or iFrame. Your own properties will be available on your website.

What about my data?

You will continue to have access to your own property listings and client data on your Standalone account. Your username and password will remain the same.

How can I pay and keep my Network account?

  • Debit/Credit Card
    Card payment has been activated on your account, log in and click the Pay Now button. Click here for how to.

  • Direct Debit
    If you want to set up a direct debit order, complete this form .


If you need help, start a chat with our Customer Support team.

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